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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a replacement watch crystal?

G-S does not have a trained crystal fitter or watchmaker in-house. We are manufacturers and distributors of plastic windows, plastic and glass watch crystals and precision lenses. We suggest you take your watch to a watchmaker or local jeweler who does crystal fitting to measure and fit your crystal properly.

If your local resource cannot help you, or if your watch is a vintage watch (1950's or earlier), we may be able to advise you if you send us the following information:

  • Shape of crystal
  • Exact dimensions in millimeters
  • Side height
  • Top thickness
  • Indicate if crystal is domed or flat-topped
  • Describe any other special features

Ideally, a top-view and cross-sectional drawing of the crystal with dimensions is very helpful. The cost for us to manufacture a vintage crystal is $45.00.

I need a vintage crystal manufactured. Can I get a copy of a vintage crystal catalog to see if it is available?

Yes - Vintage Crystal Catalogs are available. Our most complete vintage catalogs displaying plastic watch crystals are from 1952 and 1955. The 1952 catalog has almost every size available. The 1955 version eliminated some sizes and added a few newer sizes. You may purchase photocopies of these catalogs by mailing $10.00 (check or money order) for each catalog to:

Vintage Catalog (Insert Year)
G-S Supplies Customer Service
PO Box 31091
Rochester, NY 14603-1091

How do I get more information on how to use your tools for crystal removal and replacement?

We have two crystal replacement tools - one is our Crystal Lift, and the other is our Hand Press. Directions on how to use both tools can be found in our Watch Crystals & Supplies Catalog. For information about purchasing our most recent edition, please link to In addition, we will be happy to fax or mail directions to you.

How can I find a store selling G-S Hypo Cement in my area?

G-S is working to expand the availability of our cement at retail outlets throughout the US. G-S Hypo Cement is available at select Hobby Lobby stores and Michaels Arts and Crafts locations. Also, the cement is available online at

What are the detailed characteristics of G-S Hypo Cement?

G-S Hypo Cement is an acrylic-based cement. The cement is great for non-porous surfaces, such as plastic, metal, glass, jewelry, beads, ceramics, painted or sealed woods, foam sheets and polymer clay. The cement will not fuse or damage surfaces. The cement will not bond fingers.

Where can I buy G-S UV Glue? Where can I buy the precision applicator bottle?

G-S UV Glue is no longer being manufactured. The company stopped making it in the mid-1990's because it became cost prohibitive and difficult to compete with the other UV products on the market.

However, when customers phoned with feedback that they missed the precision applicator bottle, we began to produce and sell the G-S Precision Applicator Refillable Bottle. This bottle can be filled with any UV glue, oil, liquid, paint, or ultra-fine powder for a multitude of applications.

How can I get a copy of the G-S Hypo Cement MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?

Click here to view the G-S Hypo Cement MSDS (pdf format). You may also phone our customer service representative toll free at 1-800-295-3050 ext. 228 or 323, and have an MSDS mailed or faxed to you.

We are pleased to report that G-S Hypo Cement was evaluated according to guidelines specified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and has been approved as conforming to ASTM D4236.